Neurologist apt.

Chrissy’s annual neurologist appointment is Wednesday. Friday evening she was going on and on about why it is she has to go. After a while of being quite my little mother ask me if I would help her study for those questions the doctor always asks! I told her absolutely.
Today while we were eating lunch Chrissy said the tree in her yard was much prettier than any of ours. She wanted her picture taken with the beautiful tree. She’s holding a little pumpkin that sits on her front porch.

5 responses to this post.

  1. I too love the leaves even all over the ground. What a sweet lady!


  2. Judy,Did you actually help her study or was she happy with your answer and let it go. My mother would never remember that questions were to be asked!Cute picture!


  3. Hi Kerry – that evening for the most part she was fine with the answer. Since then she has repeatedly ask "now, how old am I" – Her doctor is very good with her.


  4. what a great picture! it cracks me up how blunt she can be sometimes…"the tree in my yard is much prettier than any of yours." hahaha. 😉


  5. Judy,Thank yor for stopping by my blog last week to share words of encouragement for Lauren and me as we prepare for her surgery. Thank you for reminding me that my Abba Father is right there with me!!What a wonderful picture!!! Love,Wendy


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