Slow Learner

While there are many instances where it’s clear that I am indeed a slow learner, the latest with Chrissy only confirms such. Last week after I had gotten home and settled in Chrissy called, frantically saying her freezer had broken and the ice cream was melting. My sweet man volunteered to go over and check things out. He returned a while later with three cartons of ice cream – of all the food in her freezer, the ice cream was her only concern! Seems that the freezer door had not been fully closed and I then remembered several times lately that I had found the door partly open. Chrissy will open the door and not close it completely, if course thinking she has, much like when speaking, she will not complete sentences or even say the entire word and then insist that it’s me who can’t hear! The next morning when going there before work, I was greeted with “where’s my ice cream?” I told her I had forgotten to bring it; she seemed okay and continued talking about something else. Early the next morning, before I’m even up moving around, she calls to remind me not to forget her ice cream! So now, before going home, I will definitely check to make sure the freezer door is completely closed.
Such is life with my mother!


3 responses to this post.

  1. It is ice cream you know!


  2. Judy,Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and sharing that passage in Psalms. I really enjoyed it.My favorite passage about God and His creation is Job 38; it brings so much perspective.You are blessed to live in western NC. I hope to one day too!Please stop by my blog again!


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