Marianne's rose

Chrissy’s mood finally seems to have stabilized, not yet though the sweetness known, but definitely not the person with ongoing anger and upset mood.  This has been the longest period ever – three weeks or more.  And the memory loss afterwards is pronounced.

Always at night, before her last medications, she will listen to a VCR tape of Southern Gospel music; she has about 10 of those and we just rotate them.  I would choose one and put it in the vcr and she would then turn on the TV and push in the tape all the way.  Since this last episode I have been turning on the TV as she just remembers to push in the tape.  Last night, even standing beside the TV with me showing her how to push in the tape she was unable to hold that simple task in memory for those few seconds.   Amazingly though, she remembered I had been coughing and had taken from the living room, dining room, and kitchen all the flowers and plants to the laundry room and set them on the washer and dryer, then had closed the door.  That was probably about six trips back and forth.   She was thinking the flowers and plants were prompting my cough!

During this last long episode,  I realized the level of care needed had increased, not only in the evenings but there have been other differences also during the day.  I spoke with both caregivers earlier last week about my concerns and the changes needed for her care.  With one person I didn’t see  that she was carrying out the new tasks so one morning I met with her and the agency’s owner at their office.  I calmly and clearly presented what I believed was needed and why.  I acknowged that when this person first began with Chrissy, all that was needed was a sitter of sorts but over the past year her cognitive abilities have greatly diminished.  This past week there was still no or minimal compliance.

This is such a good woman and friend to Chrissy; even so, I must have someone there who will follow through with my requests – even though they may not understand the necessity.   Thanks to the Alzheimer’s Reading Room, blog contact with other caregivers, and my own research, we follow a different plan of care.   Essentially this means I will reduce work hours while we search for another person.

(Beautiful rose photo- Credit to Marianne Van Wingerden)


2 responses to this post.

  1. It may never cease to amaze me that so many changes can take place in just days. It is like a roller coaster. I am so glad you are able to take a stand and know what she needs. Sometimes I feel like throwing my hands up in the air and giving up but have found that reading posts and articles and blogs has really helped me. You inspire me!


  2. Mary, I relate so well to a yo-yo! At times I even wish I had a beautiful weighted yo-yo being such a visual person. You know, if Chrissy’s changes were consistent through-out the day and with everyone it might be a bit helpful! Anyway, I haven’t really taken the stand yet though I’m working toward it. I talked with my brother and have spoken with one person who might work out. I will have no problem letting the agency know, but hope to do so with an educational spin. And, know that I am comforted and encouraged by my blog caregiver friends! Thank you for stopping by.


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