Pack Up

We are still in the process of choosing another afternoon caregiver for Chrissy and tomorrow we meet a new person.  I so hope it will be a good match.  Today I picked her and she went to work with me for about three hours.  I set her up in my private office,on the sofa with a strawberry milkshake, and the movie, Marley and Me.  I checked on her in between sessions, and thankfully,  the afternoon worked out so well.

Earlier that morning I had told her my plans to pick her up at lunch, around 1:00 or so, and after we ate I needed her  to go to the office with me for a few hours.  Amazingly she immediately agreed and said she would “pack up” her pants and panties just in case!  I have never heard her use the phrase “pack up”.  Sure enough, when I came back to get her, there were panties and a pair of pants in her purse!  

That morning was an answered prayer as usually Ms. Chrissy is adamant about not going to the office  with me, though later will reluctantly comply.  And, for her to acknowledge that she might need a change of clothes, along with – remembering to gather them –  well, her little sick brain sometimes is simply amazing!  I so wished I had taken a picture of her opened handbag and I think I will start leaving my camera at her house.


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