Can’t believe she said this!

Just some comments over the past couple weeks or so.

One evening we were talking about a couple of her friends who are so faithful to call ever so often.  She proceeded to tell me one of her friend’s sister now has “old-timers” and she (Chrissy) is “so glad my mind is good…not everyone gets old-timers…there is nothing wrong with me!”

One morning we went to Cracker Barrel and while eating the waitress came around to check on us and ask what had happened to my hand or wrist.  As I prepared to say it was a broken hand and that I had fallen – Chrissy looked up and blurted out, “judo – she was doing judo!”  She then just continued to eat like she had spoken truth!   The waitress just grinned and walked on.  I was stunned and told her she had just lied and where did she get such a thing.  She calmly said that she didn’t see me fall and didn’t know just what had happened!  Later my sweet man asked her how she knew about judo and she told him about Barney (Andy Griffin) taking judo!

Today I prepared a new recipe:  pork chops stuffed with a delicious filling and wrapped in bacon. Chrissy ate with us and during our meal she quietly said that she, “missed the good ole days.”  My sweet man and I got quiet for a moment – I was thinking about when daddy was alive, a time when our family was not fractured, and when her children visited her more frequently.  After a few moments, my sweet man asked about what she missed about the “good ole days.”  And oh my, without looking up she said, “when a pork chop was a just a good ole fried pork chop!”

Pork Chops at Cracker Barrel

This was a beautiful dish even it doesn't look that great in this photo.

Chrissy on the couch

I know I've said this before, but at times Chrissy is just a hoot!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Kerry on September 19, 2010 at 5:44 pm


    Funny the stuff that comes out of their mouths. Mom also has many times she is glad she doesn’t have Alzheimers and that her memory is as good as anyone her age.

    Loved the pork chop quote. I wish our mothers could meet!


    • Kerry – I know she continues to get worse and really has more difficult days that good, but sometimes, as posted, she cracks me up! Cognitively I know this happens, but it sure seems to throw me each time. And yes, if both our moms were having good days I can’t imagine how cool that would be!


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