Most Hilarious Yet!

I know most of you have heard how hilarious Chrissy can be sometimes.  I truly believe what I am about to share ranks at the top of our experiences.

One day I wore a body shaper (upper one only) to work and, as usual, was ready to change into the soft jammies I keep at Chrissys’.  Carla introduced me to this body shaper and it is extremely difficult to get on and off, especially with a broken hand.  My sweet man had helped that morning so I thought Chrissy and I could manage okay.  In the hallway we tugged and pulled.  The fabric is such that once you begin and stop, it rolls up in a tight roll making it difficult to begin again.  (Janie, this one is similar to what we looked at in Greenville.)  Chrissy continued to pull upward and then stopped, looked at me and said, “this would be much easier if these boobs weren’t in the way.”  At that moment, she had taken her hands – spread out flat, and pushed on both of my breasts!   Never, ever, have I heard her use the word “boobs”!!  Nor has she ever touched me like that!  As I backed away – still with the rolled up shaper on and now it’s feeling really tight, she led me into the living room where I sat on the floor and she sat on the edge of the sofa.  Thankfully, though the blinds were open, the door was locked.  Anyway, she gave one strong pull upwards and off it came!  I am sure if I’d had earrings on I would have had two torn lobes.  Afterwards, in her maternal tone, she said, “that thing is too small, don’t wear it anymore.”  I was so happy to get those jammies on and will wait until I have both hands before I wear that again!

I think that it’s all over and then she recieves a phone call.  Someone must have ask how she was doing as she said in such a tired and pitiful voice, “I’m so tired, I’ve been helping Judy get her girdle off!”  Oh my gosh, I could not believe she had said that.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Carla on October 4, 2010 at 10:27 am

    I”m laughing out loud knowing how difficult those wonderful body shapers can be! And with a broken hand you and Chrissy are brave. What a hoot!! I’m still laughing!!!!


  2. Posted by Millie Ray on October 4, 2010 at 1:16 pm

    They are like children, whatever there is on their mind comes out through their mouth. Often times it’s the bare truth, that we would like to keep private. Don’t we all have stories our four year olds told, that were basically the truth, maybe slanted a bit?


  3. I am rolling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The phone part is what did it for me!


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