Here We Go Again – Part 2 of 4

Pretty in pink

Soon after the first woman was introduced to my mom.  Ms. Chrissy knew that she would not work out, and said so immediately after they left,  “She never talked to me or even looked at me!”  True, much of the conversation was  between the nurse and nice woman – and at times, the nurse would direct statements my way.  Chrissy is a social person and knows when she is being dismissed or ignored.  I later expressed our concern and a few days later, we met the second woman whom we both found acceptable.  She and Chrissy easily engaged each other with words and smiles.  So, with that comfort, I would make the forms, checklists, and possibly, the meetings work. 

Expecting this arrangement to work, I was surprised a few weeks later at work to receive a phone message from the nurse stating she would drop by and see Chrissy in a couple hours!   I promptly returned her call to say, once again, I needed those visits scheduled – in advance, more than a couple hours.  She insisted on coming out but agreed to wait until afternoon.  I rearranged my afternoon hours and met her at my mother’s home a few hours later, definitely stated this visit needed to be completed in one hour.  During that time, Chrissy’s grandson, who is in the military and lives out-of-state, surprised her with a visit; along with, his new bride.  The nurse and assistant continued to stay until I stood and stated it was time to go.  Later that evening, while on the phone, mother said her grandson came by and there were so many people she didn’t get to talk long.  They should have had the good sense to leave and let her visit with her family.

More Later….


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