Here We Go Again – Part 3 & 4

Part 3  &  4

And, there is the agency notebook.  Inside was a checklist that the assistant completed each day before leaving, all in medical tone and format.  For the most part, my wishes as to the care I believed Chrissy needed – what I wanted, were not on that checklist; though, – some were implied.  Even in the care plan, specific tasks were vaguely worded, reworded, or left out.    I realize now one copy of the checklist served as the assistant’s time sheet.  Who knew it the notebook was a legal document that was to be left in the home at all times?   Obviously, I should have as I probably signed a form of such; and most likely, the nurse went over that important detail the first day.  One evening I took the notebook home to review at work and forgot to bring it back the next day.  Judging by the phone message left at work, this caused the nurse great distress.   Her tone and words clearly expressed that the notebook was not to be removed from the home ,and the assistant would not return until we met to discuss this issue.  So I returned her call to apologize and said the notebook would be returned after work.  Unfortunately, that was not acceptable and it was agreed she would  pick up the notebook the following day at Chrissys’.   I truly regret the inconvenience on my part.  The notebook was probably the agency’s proverbial final straw.  

I am tired of this topic so let’s just include part four and move on.  Part 4 continues below.

Part 4

Thinking involvement with this agency could not get anymore frustrating, I received a call that evening from the director saying the assistant did not wish to return.  The director requested that we meet on Monday or Tuesday to go over the agency’s requirements, the importance of the notebook, and – get this – to set up another person!!   And – it was important that everyone be happy.  Just have to say here, at $25-$27 an hour I am not too worried about their happiness.  Twice I was asked to look at my schedule for time on Monday or Tuesday.   Still, they could just not comprehend that I work Monday through Thursday and am available  Fridays only.  Twice I said no, thank you.  We were not interested in continuing service.

Looking back I wondered why I had to insist that I meet the assistant first before her first day with Chrissy.  Why I clearly had to state that I did not want the nurse or agency contacting her physician as I managed her health care.  Why was it necessary that I communicate multiple times that I wanted only one-person coming out, not different women.  Why were the notes I had written, specifics needs for her care that I believed important not written in her care plan?  Why did I need to emphatically state that I was to be present at all monthly visits with the nurse?  Interesting to me is that from the beginning, I ignored those mental flags that first popped up, and then later began waving around furiously.   I held firm to what I desperately wanted to believe was a reasonable thought:  surely, with such an elaborate process, this agency would work out, probably it was just me being a little nervous about having someone new with my mother.   Huge learning experience for me.  I now have a distinct awareness that we do not need a nurse, any kind of monthly visits, any type of case management, and clearly, someone must have knowledge of dementia or be willing to learn, and this can surely be available for less than $25 – $27 an hour.


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