Weekend Trip

I needed to be in S.C. this weekend for continuing education hours and I was unexpectedly accompanied by Chrissy.  I would never have imagined her going and being away from home, in a hotel, two nights and two and a half days.  Even though this trip had been scheduled for over a month, one family member changed plans and another one would not arrive until early evening, too long for her to be alone.  Concerning is that both were okay leaving her alone.  So, her bag was packed and off we went. 

Before leaving, I prayed for God’s blessing, asking for a safe trip and that Chrissy would not start missing home and want to go back.  Amazingly, she did so well and chatted about this or that most of the way! 

From our arrival to check-out, I was so impressed with the hotel staff.  They doted on mother the entire time.  Upon checking in the woman ask how my mother was, then looked over at Chrissy and asked her if she made the trip okay!  I had called the hotel two days prior requesting different room arrangements; surely, they made a note about my mother coming with me. The bellman not only loaded and unloaded all our baggage and items; he gently rearranged Chrissy’s walker in the elevator.  When leaving the same bellman loaded us up again, and then complemented Chrissy on managing her walker and elevator so well.  A housekeeper noticed mother holding a paper coffee cup and returned carrying a ceramic cup with a handle.  Each afternoon we would walk down to the lobby, and Chrissy would admire the beautiful area and fragrant flowers.  She would sit in the chairs or on the sofa and just watch everyone coming and going.  One employee noticed that mother was leaning too far back on the sofa and brought over pillows for added support!  Also, shortly after getting settled in the room, we realized the TV remote wasn’t working properly so maintenance was called.  He was friendly to Chrissy and later returned with a TV swivel so she could watch from both sides of the room, and also brought a diferent remote with large numbers!  They all were consistently attentive and gracious.  Answered prayer.

Enjoying the lobby

Can now maneuver the walker inside elavator

Taking a walk

Caught with a Reese's cup

Relaxed and watching people

Walked in and found Chrissy reading her Bible

Breakfast before leaving


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Kerry on November 23, 2010 at 10:09 pm

    She is so cute! The most important sentence was “before leaving, I prayed for God’s blessing.” I loved that.


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