Update on the fried potatoes

Okay, I have received more than several emails from people concerned about leaving Chrissy alone and the fried potatoes.  Let me explain.  Recently, I needed to be away for six hours or so – continuing education nearby.  While it had been on my schedule for a while, I neglected to have someone stay and cover those hours for my mom.  My sweet man agreed to stay home and check on her as we live next door.  Generally, she can stay three hours alone before she begins getting into things, scattered more than usual, or afraid, especially mornings as it takes a good while for her to get up and move around. Had a fire started, I would forever struggle with guilt, so, thank you Lord that my sweet man was there in time. 

After the shock of such, I began thinking she had not cooked in over a year.  Look at all the steps involved in frying potatoes: gather the potatoes, wash them (hopefully), peel, slice, find the skillet and lid, pour oil, and manage pushing in the knob on her stove!    The Alzheimer’ brain continues to baffle me.  


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Kerry on November 24, 2010 at 5:11 pm

    Judy: You could always unplug the stove if you are in this situation again. Just a thought.


  2. Yes, I did unplug it this evening, without hesitation.


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