Free At Last!

Free at Last!

More and more I am having Chrissy stay 3 to 4 hours at my office.  There are two main rooms, one where I see clients and the other is my personal office.  In my personal office an area is set up for Chrissy: sofa, radio, DVD, phone, window where she watches people pass by, and always food.  For security, the door to my personal office that opens from the hallway has a combination lock.  To open the door from the inside you must use both hands, one to turn the metal latch all the way to the left and while holding  it there you turn the door handle to the right and then pull open, all the while holding the top latch down.

I was absolutely stunned when I turned the corner and saw her sitting in the  waiting room,  legs crossed and grinning!  While my mouth was open and before I could say a word, she said, “I’ve got insurance!”  Always before when I walk back into my office her first words are, “Did they pay!”  I told her to sit still that I had to have a picture of her escape.

 Never, ever has Chrissy even tried to open that door.  Our routine is that after each client I go into my office and take her out into the waiting room and to the bathroom.  Again, never ever has she even venture out of my office, even when we’re there after hours or on weekends.  With camera in hand, I had her show me how she, “broke out.”   Chrissy went right to the locked door and kept turning both pieces until she finally got it!  She looked at me so proud!

Wait a minute, I'll get it

My cyber Alzheimer’s friends know exactly where this is headed.


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  1. Nice that she feels so comfortable there and it’s working out well for both of you!


    • Well, I meant except for the escape, which hopefully won’t become a pattern!


      • Thanks Margaret. You know, there have been two other times in the past couple months where she has ventured off but both times I could understand the reasoning. This last time though put a knot in my stomach as there is just no way she could have managed opening the office door without the mindset of a wanderer.

  2. I have to admit your story did make me giggle.

    She looked at me so proud!

    lol I can almost picture it!

    I hope you find a way to make sure that doesn’t happen again. I think my stomach would drop as well.


    • Thank you Hannah for stopping by. I decided that day she would not be at the office unless I was there to work on administrative work so she would be with me. We increased her helpers hours to cover Wednesdays.


  3. You should have taken a picture of your face. I bet the look on your face would have been priceless!


  4. Posted by Louise on February 14, 2011 at 6:30 pm

    I’m glad to see Chrissy is still going well!


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