Neighborhood Watch

From Chrissy’s bedroom window our driveway is visible and sometimes she will check to see if my sweet man’s vehicle is parked.  Meaning, she will monitor if he’s home or not. 

At work, about every 50 minutes or so I always check missed calls to see if her number is listed.  A recent afternoon :

Chrissy’s phone message: Judy, he’s not at home.  Click.
Returned call: Chrissy, he’s at church…..
Phone message:  Judy, it’s not Sunday.  Click.
Returned call:  Chrissy, he’s at Bible study….
Phone message:  He’s still not home.  Click.
Returned call:  It’s okay, he’s just out an about….
Phone message:   He’s home.  Click.

Her helper says she will walk down the hallway to look out the window and return saying,  “I have to call Judy.”

There are no hellos or goodbyes; she says her few words and then will hang up!  With limited mental abilities her brain remembers these consecutive steps.  

Hyper focused – four hours.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I know I am very behind on your blog and I am catching up. This is really something. My mom had an obsession with her cats for awhile, but she never did anything quite like this. You were kind to respond each time with comforting words. I commend you!


    • I get behind on reading my favorite blogs also – and I wish I would move blog activity higher on the priority list! As for the kind words, I am able to voice some level of kindness more times than not, then there are other days when kindness has profound limitations!
      Thanks for dropping by.


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