March Madness


March has been an eventful month for Chrissy.  She has fallen, celebrated her birthday twice, and a doctor’s visit to confirm the troublesome urinary tract infection.    Whenever mother falls or bangs herself there is blood, generally a lot of blood.  She applies whatever fabric within reach to prevent the sticky red flow.    This tumble produced a three-inch gash near her elbow and a small tear on the other arm.  Nothing serious, but the fall left a worrisome visual:  bloodstained fingerprints on the side of her mattress, to high for her to reach for support.  The urgent phone call, fingerprints on the bed, and blood stained towels unnerved me for the rest of the day.  Her son has since lowered the bed. 

Moving along, Chrissy had a delightful birthday.  Prior to her special day there was a celebration dinner, and the day of three of her seven children present – with one staying the weekend!  Her special day with family, gifts, and flowers. 

I notice on weekends (without company) Chrissy seems more frail and unsettled than weekdays, possibly due to the change in routine.  Actually, there is not anything consistent on weekends.  Her schedule, meals, activity, and even TV programs are all different on weekends.  Structure on those days just seems wrong.  This thought already has me in a state of underlying reluctance; most likely, dread is more accurate.  Oh my, anticipatory anxiety!  Instead, I readily turn my focus to getting past this quarterly urinary tract infection.     

On a more positive note, we (includes my sweet man) look forward to this coming weekend as my sister from KY. will be here for three days!  She is laid-back and helpful.


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  1. I hope you are hanging in there. What you say about blood everywhere is so true of Mum. Just before she went into hospital (and she didn’t come home; she’s going to a bedsitter unit within a nursing home on Monday) she cut herself at home – just a tiny cut! She couldn’t get me on the phone so she called my son who went over there. He can’t stand the sight of blood but he managed to find her an elastic bandage to stop the bleeding. There was a trail of blood from one end of the house to the other. Mum would also grab any item of clothing that was nearby to try and stem the flow.


    • I’m sorry your mother wasn’t able to return home. Did you have an inkling she might not return? I’d say the bedsitter would be comforting.
      The trail of blood sure is unsettling for me and I know what you mean by from one end of the house to the other! And, sounds like your son managed well.
      I want more time to visit my cyberfriends! Thanks for dropping by – Judy.


  2. I hope you had a good visit with your sister. Laid back and helpful – sounds perfect! 🙂


  3. March was a busy month for Chrissy. I hate it when mom gets UTI. So sorry she got one. I do wish I could get mom in a nice home. But can’t right now. Used to I did not want her to go to a home. But the time has come. I pray Chrissy likes her new home.


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