Spring Continues


Loves beautiful flowers

Chrissy continues with eventful Spring days:  Family visit, trip to the doctor resulting with a medication change, the passing of a longtime neighbor, and Easter and Mother’s Day.  Amidst those days, time was found to perm her hair, which was a stressful three hours for both of us!  Though Chrissy now has tight little curls, I hope to never attempt that task again.

 For some reason I ask her to name all her kids in order.  Speaking slowly and with a look of concentration, she left out three, and just as unsettling, she was unable to recall most middle names.  Since then we’ve been practicing names and birth order, hopeful she’ll start remembering (doubtful this will happen).  This afternoon during an “Andy” commercial I ask about the names and she immediately said, “Silly one, Silly two, and that’s all.  I don’t want to practice!”   Later on Chrissy named all her children with middle names and in order!  So who knows,  again – the Alzheimer’s brain.

 I have looked all over the kitchen and other known hiding places for several of her small Tupperware containers that seemed to have vanished.  Of course she had no idea of their whereabouts.  A few days later needing one of the containers, I began to look around again.  Chrissy casually mentioned, “I burned it up and threw it in the trash.”  Seems she had used the toaster oven to warm up some food and evidently the plastic container was too close to the top elements.  As far as I can gather, this happened before her helper arrived.  Geez, I didn’t even know she could use that thing.

 Chrissy recently astonished me with another complete reversal.  She has a new- found affection for a stray cat that’s wandered to our area.  The cat makes an afternoon appearance on her deck wanting food, to which Chrissy obliges, throwing out whatever and calling, “kitty kitty kitty.”  She has always hated cats and usually shudders at the mention of one.   This is highly out of character.


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