“That’s What I’m Gettin To!”

Troublesome Goat

 While laid back on the couch and watching one of her favorite TV shows, Chrissy burst out laughing when a rambunctious billy goat eyed a bent over man and then quickly catapulted him over the fence!  Still laughing she recalled as a young girl her family having a goat that caused a lot of trouble.  After hearing those words repeated a couple of times, I thought I would speed up the story by asking what kind of trouble.  Grinning, she held up her hand and said,  “That’s what I’m gettin to –  and stopped there.   A few minutes later she began laughing again, saying they had a goat when she was growing up and it got into all kinds of trouble.  This time hoping to stir up some goat memories I asked what it was like to have a goat.  Throwing her head back and laughing, she said, That’s what I’m gettin to” – still nothing more said.  Later that evening preparing for bed, Chrissy grinned and said,That goat would walk up the steps and onto the porch making all kinds of noise, like it was wearing high heels!”

Mother have you talked on the phone today, ” no, only when it rang.”


2 responses to this post.

  1. Oh, boy. I’m glad she is saying all this with a smile on her face. She sounds like a hoot.


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