Dark Winding Stairs

Alzheimer's Staircase

 Chrissy has plummeted down the Alzheimer’s staircase again.  Two weeks or so ago her abilities were quickly snatched and held captive in that wretched place of gloom.  Her walk is a weak shuffle.  She stares at her food and will only eat a small amount, even with assistance.  At times, it’s almost like she has forgotten the process – from utensil to mouth.  Her few words are broken sentences, whispered with effort.  This weekend, throughout the day, she has had long periods of deep sleep.  I am grateful for the sleep.  She isn’t exhausted or struggling.  Her appearance is peaceful, and not an unsettled vacant expression. This dark place is unlike the others; it is more than an episode, it has lasted much longer, has different symptoms, and profound limitations. 

I have heard other caregivers speak of this type of spiral and amazingly, their loved one recovers to their prior state.  I hope Chrissy does.   

Jesus come quickly. 


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