Chrissy seems to be recovering physically from the infection and her week in the hospital.  I know her mental decline is in part due to the infection which weakened her immune system.  I also believe the hospital experience was traumatic and contributed significantly to her loss of mental ground. 

Progress with rehab:  She can sit in the wheelchair and is learning to use the walker.  A couple of times, with assistance, she has brushed her teeth.  She is slowly learning how to master the fork and spoon.  It must be helping more than I realize as a couple of times after I leave she has gotten up during the night.  She awakes from a sound sleep.  I wonder if she is sleep-walking or if it is another example of the body willing but not the mind. 

Her caloric intake continues around 300; about a 100 less than before hospitalization.  They plan to contact her physician for an appetite stimulant.  And, they (nursing director) insists she have her meals in the dining room and that a CNA feeds if needed, thinking she will eat more.  Sounded more like a liability concern but we will try.  Her speech difficulty is new, usually her sentences make no sense.  She doesn’t fully grasp where she is or what has happened.  Her home was her mental reference and here there aren’t enough familiar clues.  Chrissy sleeps much of the day, possibly due to medication that eliminates delusions and hallucinations, which first began while in the hospital.

She doesn’t fully grasp where she is or what has happened, just that she wants to go home.  Her home was a mental reference that kept her sage, even from the pernicious Alzheimer”s.

Now, having said the above, Chrissy’s wit and humor emerges ever so often.  I am keeping track and that will be the next post.  I must think and write about what is going well.


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  1. I forgot to mention in our email exchange that urinary tract infections are often culprits behind a change in behavior – and perhaps the same could be true for your mom’s infection. I’m no medical expert, but I don’t see why an infection of any kind might have a similar effect. I’m glad she is showing signs of humor considering she also is conveying she wants to go home. Hopefully her stress will lessen steadily. And yours, too. Keeping you in my thoughts.


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