Funny Comments

 In the emergency room a doctor preformed an invasive exam. Afterwards she raised up and in a determined voice she told him to give her the bill, she was going home.

Still waiting in the ER she told a nurse they better let her go, pointing to me she says, “her husband has put the FBI out looking for her.”

An X-ray technician came in, sat down 3 bottles of enhanced water and asked her to drink them.  She replied seriously,  “I’m not a drinking woman.”

The hospitalist asked Chrissy if she knew where she was, ” Yes,  I’m in bed.”

After asking her several times what my name was she stared  at me then replied, “what does it matter – I know I love you.”

At the facility there’s a social worker I refer to as the “mean ole woman.”  Of all things for Chrissy to remember, she remembered those words and asked another employee if she was the “mean ole woman.”

Chrissy remembered a detail from a couple weeks ago and I ask how she could it.  “You know, that’s just how my brain works.”

Wanting me to tell her doctor she was ready to go home – I said no, because she still couldn’t get in out of the bed.  My feet was propped up on her bed and she swings her leg sideways knocking my feet off and says “dirty dog.”

Acting silly I said, “I love you goofy.” She replied, ” I love you goosey.”

Traveling around the facility I encourage Chrissy to say hello.  A nurse stopped to talk and I waited for mother to speak.  When I realized she wasn’t going to speak I said, “say hello Chrissy.   She replied, say hello Chrissy.”

When I first enter her room I change shoes to my flip-flops then change back when ready to go home. Almost ready to leave, she asks to see my shoes,  a familiar request,  so I take one off and she asks to get a closer look.  She then takes my shoe and puts it under her covers and says, “now, go sit down.”

Chrissy carries my cell phone when we’re walking around. I wheel her into the dining room and forget to get the phone.  When I go to her she won’t hand me the phone, she says she’s going to a cab and go home.

Wanting me to stay longer she says. “you better stick around. I might find me a man.”

 Today we were walking around and I had turned the ringer off to use vibrate.  I told her the phone would shake when someone called.  Later I received a call and as expected, the phone vibrated.  Chrissy said, “Judy Denise this phone is having a nervous breakdown!”


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  1. So glad you are finding a chance to see the humor. It can be so hard, and I can imagine even in some of these cases, it might not have felt funny at the time. I love laughing with my mom now more than ever. She says funny things and can still laugh at herself and I’m so glad she still feels the pleasure of a good laugh.

    I realize Chrissy might be feeling very serious in some of these instances. But she sounds like she still has that potential to be quite a hoot. And it is so evident that you are very important to her. About your name: “What does it matter – I know I love you.” That’s a great answer, I think. And it’s a sign of resourcefulness on her part – admitting there is a deficit there, but pinpointing what is most important in that context.

    Sending good wishes-


    • Emily, these comments began on June 28th and much of the time I’d just jot it down somewhere. I want to return to catching those moments instead of compaining or writing truth on other instances and/or family. And yes, in many of these comments she is very serious. I found her comment of how her brain works profound and pondered it for days. There’s family who do not. grasp this reality. Did you happen to read July 13th – New Old Age – New York Times by Paula Span?


  2. I did read that, and just re-read it. The one about comfort and function? I’m all for it. I try to read most of those posts and sometimes I comment there, too. It’s hard to know what is right sometimes, but the pursuit of comfort and function makes sense to me. My mom’s function level is pretty low in many areas, but I have a sense that she is content. That means more to me than just about anything else. And I also know that that could change at any moment…


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