Facility Happenings


One evening at dinner a resident, a small man of Cuban ethnicity, went around to each table passing out adult napkins that attached around the neck.  When he approached Chrissy she shook her head no and looked away.  He quietly placed it beside her plate.

 After all were past out, he saw that mother’s was still on the table.  He walked toward her, picked up her bib, fastened it around her neck, and left.  Hello, thank you, nor smiles were acknowledged.  A gentle little man.  Above I mentioned his ethnicity because he has similarities as my father.

Mentioning this kind man to the staff, I learned over the years he has assumed other responsibilities without asking to do so,  he just launches in!  I’m told he has had opportunities to go home but considers this place his home. 

I was startled to hear he is considered the Casanova of the facility There are four women who rotate evenings to sit and hold hands.  One was known to cry when a new resident threatened to interrupt their schedule!  Chrissy is not available.


Traveling Together

 Each evening four petite smiling ladies travel up and down the halls.  Their wheelchairs are so close and in unison that I believed they were somehow connected. The first lady extends her hand to shake and the others follow suit.  I waited for the last little lady to do the same but she doesn’t.  She is much smaller and has her head resting on her chest while clinging to a baby doll.  As they made their way back around I  watched closely and saw each little foot pushing the wheel in front!


Pilfering From The Food Cart

Around 5:30 the dinner cart arrives for those who chose to eat in their rooms.  An assistant positions the cart at the hall entrance while she goes ahead to prepare residents for their meal.  While waiting at the nurse’s station I saw three little women congregate in an alcove.  One shuffles over, slides out a tray to see what’s for dinner, then takes a quick glance around, and swiftly pulls out two other trays and snatches three sandwiches!   With effort to covert her tracks she shoves the trays.  With her hands full she shuffled toward her accomplices and delivered the heist.  At ease they sat and enjoyed their appetizer while the cart moved on down the hall.


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  1. Sounds like a place full of characters. I can imagine the towel-like bibs you described. I first saw those in Mom’s current nursing home. Smart idea, I must say. And so sweet of that man to make sure everyone is outfitted for dinner…


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