Leave My Jelly Beans Alone

Bowl of Jelly Beans!

Recently a sister who lives out-of-state came to see mother and brought her a bowl of jelly beans and an oil WoodWick.  Almost immediately I wondered how I would ever hold on to the treasured jelly beans and soothing scent.  Along the way I’ve learned housekeeping has an unwritten list of verboten items not permitted in the rooms – safety concerns with aerosols, bathroom cleaners, and febreeze.  By the time I’ve realized something has disappeared, housekeeping has confiscated it while leaving a clean room.

Not wanting to risk the oil WoodWick, I placed the fragrance on top the closet and then later moved it inside.  But those jelly beans, I couldn’t bring myself to put away.  Chrissy is all about her jelly beans – having access to them.   So, I put the word out, people better leave those jelly beans alone!  So far they’re still there.


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